PECLABEL project has officially kicked-off!

PECLABEL project has officially kicked-off last September 26th. The project is funded by the EU network M-ERA.NET, which has been established to support and increase the coordination of European research programmers and related funding in materials science and engineering.

The project is coordinated by the Université de Liège (BE) and includes in the consortium: CNR-ICMCB (FR), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (FI), Optitune (FI) and NordicID (FI).

PECLABEL aims at developing an innovative emerged smart labels technology based on electrochromic materials, bearing a high scientific and economic potential for processing highly efficient optically commutable display devices. It will bring forward environment-friendly inks of metal-oxide-based plasmonic nanostructures for designing dual-band, VIS-NIR spectrally selective surfaces and devices, standing as a new generation of robust, stable, performant, and durable energy-saving electrochromic labelling systems.

Leitat is leading the work package focused on the development and validation of innovative smart QR codes based on its patented “plasmochromic” technology in collaboration with the high-tech company Color Sensing.