Horizon 2020


Measuring Envelope Products And Systems Contributing To Next Generation Of Healthy Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

Website: mezeroe.eu


MEZeroE is an EU distributed open innovation ecosystem for: (i) developing nZEB Enabler Envelope technology solutions ; (ii) transferring knowledge; (iii) matching testing needs with existing facilities; (iv) providing monitoring in living labs and; (v) standardizing cutting-edge solutions coming from SMEs and larger industries, to foster inclusive change in the building sector, being accessible via a single-entry point to all users.

MEZeroE allows the development of ground-based solutions focused on carbon neutrality and healthy indoor environment, validated with advanced assessment methods and services, recognized protocols and long-term vision to embrace industry 4.0 trends, rapid decision making and customer-centric requirements.

MEZeroE accompanies enterprises in adopting the open innovation approach comprising discovery (phase 1), empowering (phase 2), and exploiting (phase 3). MEZeroE will be accessed via a single-entry point web-based multi-side virtual marketplace, including 9 Pilot Measurement & Verification Lines (PM&VL) and 3 Open Innovation Services (OIS) covering training, business model development, systematic IP and knowledge management. MEzeroE will fast-track prototypes to the market as fully characterized products.

MEZeroE virtual marketplace provides structured knowledge to different stakeholders with a pragmatic and wellgrounded mid to long-term ambition of developing and consolidating a trusted expertise network, to be active and self-sustaining well beyond the project timeline.
Based on synergies among partners, existing channels and a dedicated marketing strategy MEZeroE will exploit 3 revenue lines to ensure a 4x leverage factor vs. EU contribution. These revenue streams include: (I) memberships (benefit of web-based platform manager); (ii) consultancy for innovation and IPR protection (benefit of OIS developers) and (iii) incremental revenues of industrial partners (benefit of users) thanks to product transferred to market.

Project Budget: 16.980.737,50€

Leitat Budget: 636.748,75 €

Financial Framework: HORIZON 2020

Contract number: 953157


Start Date: 01/01/2021

End Date: 31/01/2026


Main role & contribution in the project:

  • Active energy component characterization facing Efficiency requirement: Test-chain for a comprehensive stability characterization of active envelope components for energy production;

  • Visual and thermal performance analysis of dynamic glass systems facing Efficiency requirement: Test-chain for testing of innovative dynamic glazing solutions and the definition of new measurements and validation protocols for the assessment of visual and thermal comfort.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 953157.