Advanced materials

LEITAT presenting the future of materials at KIMconference in Barcelona

On the 7th of June, the 10th annual KIMconference took place in the Palau Macaya in Barcelona to present the state of innovation in the field of Robotics and Industry 4.0 and more. Our expert in novel materials Lorenzo Bautista participated in a session about current and future materials applied to different field such as textiles, coatings and more.


About KIMconference

Innovation is the key to the society development. For this reason, KIM has been organizing this key event in technology transfer in Spain, called the KIMconference, for 9 years now. Every year, this event brings together 150 attendees from visionary companies, researchers and leaders in R&D, technology transfer and innovation management. The 10th KIMconference was full of surprises to celebrate its 10th anniversary: Debates, prototypes, demonstrations, experiments, keynotes speakers and more is what was present at the KIMconference, an event in innovation and technology transfer to discuss about how innovation is key to society development.


KIMconference 2017 “Addressing social changes caused by innovation”

In this edition, participants discussed on how disruptive innovations in the horizon of the coming years will affect our society, focusing on three trending topics: robotics and industry 4.0, intelligent materials and innovative business models. Which impact will they have on industry? Will they have an effect on job creation? How are business going to adapt to such innovations? Which political and legal regulations are going to be needed?

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