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EnergyKeeper: The synthesis of three new synthetic organic electrolytes has started

In the framework of the EnergyKeeper project, LEITAT, in cooperation of Jena Batteries, started the synthesis of three new synthetic organic electrolytes, designed to achieve the requirements of the project: high energy density (>25 Wh/L), suitable for up-scaling and at least 500 cycles (80% capacity retention). The next months, these electrolytes will be studied and the best electrolyte will be scaled-up taking into account the price target of <100 EUR/kWh.


The overall aim of the EnergyKeeper project is to design, develop and test a novel, scalable, sustainable and cost competitive flow battery based on organic redox active materials. A 100kW redox flow battery with a capacity of 350 kWh will be constructed and equipped with an interoperable Battery Management System enabling plug and play integration into a Smart Grid.


The EnergyKeeper Project will pursue an innovative interplay of key partners’ technologies flexibility in order to achieve the development (TRL3), validation and demonstration (TRL7) of an efficient, low cost and environmental friendly Redox Flow Battery (RFB) based on organic redox-active materials and simple aqueous electrolyte solutions. This innovative EES system will be interoperable thanks to the development of a Battery Management System (BMS) and smart power electronics that will interact with a Central Grid Control System (CGCS) capable to (technically and economically) optimize the functioning mode of a Smart Grid. Intelligent hardware and software layers of the Smart Grid will be developed, validated, and demonstrated at Wageningen Reserach wind and solar test location at Lelystad.