Launch of the SH2AMROCK project!

Sourcing Hydrogen for Alternative Mobility, Realising Opportunities and Creating Know How in Ireland.

The SH2AMROCK concept, a project coordinated by University of Galway, is funded by the European Union and has been launched in February.

The SH2AMROCK concept will deploy green hydrogen across key hard-to-abate sectors across the Island of Ireland including key infrastructure to enable the production, distribution, and use of green hydrogen. The 5 year-project, with a total investment of approximately €62.5m, will showcase the capacity of H2 to maximise penetration of RES through sector coupling, while facilitating widespread integration of renewable H2 into Ireland’s energy system. SH2AMROCK will realise this goal through the deployment of the country’s first hydrogen valley and multi-modal H2 transport hub in Galway – accelerating the island of Ireland’s energy transition and decarbonisation across multiple end-user applications – and other applications in the industrial and built environment sectors.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Highlight hydrogen’s role to enable a deeper decarbonisation of the Irish economy through sector coupling.

  2. Establish Ireland’s first multi-modal hydrogen transport hub.

  3. Enable creation of a domestic market for green hydrogen value chains

  4. Ensure a fair and just transition for Ireland’s isolated communities.

  5. Production of at least 500 tons of green hydrogen per year, to be online by 2028.

  6. Use green hydrogen production to realise decarbonisation in multiple end use applications.

  7. Create strong connections with existing European hydrogen valleys, and associated initiatives, to foster strong linkages in the European hydrogen sector.

  8. Instigate sustainable economic growth and industrialisation of Ireland.

  9. Foster All-Ireland hydrogen knowledge sharing, replication activities, and cross-border strategy development.

  10. Introduction of hydrogen into the Irish energy mix to increase flexibility, security, and resilience.

  11. Leverage lessons learned from SH2AMROCK to help develop hydrogen valley roadmaps in key replication regions in Ireland, Europe, and globally.