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GLAM supports Leukemia Research

GLAM banner-1GLAM Project is supporting the 3rd StandUpPaddle (SUP) Event in Barcelona for Leukemia Healing and the Josep Carreras Foundation in order to raise funds for Leukemia research.


GLAM invites you to join our efforts in order to get closer to Leukemia’s healing.


Bring your grain of sand and join us! Click here to donate!


If you would like more information about this cooperation, get in touch with us!


100% of donations will be forwarded to Josep Carreras Foundation.


GLAM Project – which is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme – will design and develop a new diagnostic tool to detect biomarkers from biofluids obtained in a non-invasive manner, focusing on urine and genitourinary cancers. The project will develop an integrated device based on novel label-free photonic biosensors with ultra-sensitivity, simplicity of use, portability, multiplexing and low cost. GLAM is coordinated by the technological centre LEITAT and counts with the participation of IBEC and ICFO, among other 7 European Organisation.