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Developing Reference Methods for Nanomaterials

Welcome to the final Newsletter of the EU FP7 NanoValid project – NanoValid has reached a successful conclusion!


After 48 months of intensive research and development work, a vast amount of novel results has been produced, including a wide range of new and well-defined, representative tests and reference materials and a large number of newly validated standard operation procedures (SOPs) for methods to reliably characterise different types of nanomaterials, and to accurately assess their hazards and exposure.


This newsletter marks the culmination of a huge endeavour, but the work performed and the results achieved will have a long-lasting effect far beyond the project. It will continue to inspire new expert groups and trigger new research activities  that will take up and carry on the new knowledge and understanding that NanoValid has produced for the safe and  sustainable use of nanotechnology.


We hope that you enjoy reading this final issue. Thank you for sharing the work we have done over the past years!


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