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Versatile printed solutions for a safe and high-performance battery system

Website: Project – Versaprint (versaprint-project.eu)


In order to boost the transition to a climate neutral transport sector, VERSAPRINT will bring innovations to the battery system to tackle safety issues, enhance performances as well as decrease cost and environmental impact.

The VERSAPRINT technical solutions will be achieved mainly by 2D/3D printing directly on battery components and will operate from the heart of the battery system (i) providing an efficient cell thermal regulation in order to reduce risk of Thermal Runaway (TR) and increase density and lifetime; (ii) significantly improving the system thermal and safety management thanks to in operando sensoring; (iii) adding thermal and safetyoriented functionalities on busbars; (iv) allowing easy and safe dismantling and re-manufacturing; (v) lowering the casing’s weight, without losing its capability to contain TR and while ensuring good recycling rate; (vi) providing an advanced thermal/fire response; and (vii) controlling the exhaust gases released during a TR by cooling and evacuating them safely.

VERSAPRINT will also implement a Decision Tool in order to choose the most optimised configuration for a given end application and will provide a validation at TRL5 (i) at module level with two module prototypes (for automotive and aeronautics) as well as one virtual module prototype (for waterway transport); (ii) at system level through simulation for all these applications. Other applications such as bus, non-road mobile machinery and stationary storage will be explored as well, through simulation.

VERSAPRINT aims to reach the cost and performances targeted in Batteries Europe 2030 KPIs, while increasing module density by 5% and significantly improving the battery system fire resistance and safety (no fire outside module during TR). Sustainability will be assessed at all development stages. The multi-disciplinary consortium gathers 3 RTO/academic partners and 7 industrial partners (4 IND and 3 SMEs), and is completed by 12 industrial Advisory Board members.


Project Budget: 4,995,928.25€ 

Leitat Budget: 980,205€

Financial Framework: HORIZON EUROPE

Contract number: 101103696


Start Date: 01/05/2023

End Date: 30/04/2026


Main role & contribution in the project:

  • In VERSAPRINT they are the main technology developer, and they will intervene at cell, cells unit and module level, developing BBs 1,2,5,6.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101103696.