Vanguard Initiative – New Business Opportunities for European Industry

The Vanguard Initiative is an initiative to coordinate Smart specialization strategy of región for manufacturing within Europe. Its member, the region Saxony (Germany), invites to the conference “Vanguard Initiative – New business opportunities for European Industry” to give an opportunity to SMEs to inform themselves on the potentials the Vanguard Initiatives projects offers SMEs and to network with potential partners. Along with talks regarding strategies to involve businesses in Vanguard projects, advanced regional industries will be visited. Link to the programme. Magí Galindo, technical director of the IAM 3DHub, will participate in the panel discussion.

The German region of Saxony will, on the 27th of October, host the conference “Vanguard Initiative – New business opportunities for European Industry” in Chemnitz and Leipzig. The invitation is extended to stakeholders from all regions participating in the Vanguard Initiative. The conference is part of the Vanguard Initiatives strive to attract more businesses, in this instance especially SMEs, to join the initiatives pilots. Hence, it aims to provide SMEs an occasion to inform themselves on the business opportunities provided by the initiatives projects. Participants will also be given time to meet and connect with potential partners from other Vanguard regions such as enterprises, research institutions and clusters.

In addition to discussions on the Vanguards Initiatives links to the business sector, the conference will be preceded by a visit to the Porsche factory in Leipzig on the 26th of October. The visit will enable participants to see the application of highly advanced production technologies first hand.