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Treating CO2 and Wastewater while Producing Green Biomethane

After 4 years, Spanish collaborative RETO project POWER2BIOMETHANE, with LEITAT, NATURGY, UPC-SEER, and DUTT is closed. An intensive collaboration allows to achieve a bioelectrochemical (BES) pilot for CO2 to biomethane conversion via electromethanogenesis. The developed BES process treats CO2 emissions and wastewater to produce green biomethane and treated water. The project has demonstrated that the developed technology is potential suitable for energy storage supporting and boosting all kinds of intermittency from renewable energy generation as solar and wind.  Moreover, it can help to overcome two of the main social challenges which are the valorisation of CO2 emission and the water scarcity, which differentiates BES from other energy storage technologies.

LEITAT bid for this technology and we are working to achieve higher performance P2G targets.

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