Energy transition and decarbonization

Soft, Digital and Green Skills for Smart Designers

On 16th and 17th April, the INTRIDE kick off meeting took place online. INTRIDE aims to develop soft, digital and green skills for smart designers in the manufacturing sector. Epecifically, the project will:

  • Develop a joint Master degree programme addressed to students (graduated or post graduated) or company employees for a multidisciplinary profile (designer + soft/digital/green skills) based on authentic teaching – training supplied directly by company’s staff, thanks also to practical activities – on work-based learning.
  • Stimulate Higher Education Institutions offer modernisation and adaptation to industry world needs / HE system getting closer to business needs, perspective and businesses benefiting from high level competences.
  • Developing HE + industry community continuous interaction still through the creation of a community platform.

During the meeting, all the participants could present themselves, discuss in detail the project objectives, work packages as well as the workplan overview. The Kick-Off Meeting ended with a final discussion in which all the partners contributed to define and plan the next step and actions of the project. Considering the difficulties related to Covid restrictions, the consortium is glad to see the partners’ high quality contributions and active participation.