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Presenting URBAN GreenUP at Smart City Expo World Congress

Presenting URBAN GreenUP at Smart City Expo World Congress

Leitat is presenting a great project these days in the Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona, 13th-15th November): URBAN GreenUP. This project aims to obtain a tailored methodology to support the co-development of Renaturing Urban Plans focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation and efficient water management, and to assist in the implementation of nature-based solution in an effective way.

A large scale and fully replicable demonstration action of NBS accompanied by innovative business models will provide evidences about the benefits of NBS contributing to the creation of new market opportunities for European companies, and fostering citizen insight and awareness about environmental problems.

The role of Leitat within UrbanGreenUp is to develop an electrowetland demo at Valladolid city. Also a
sensor platform will be integrated as well as smart lighting systems. Both will be directly powdered with the electricity generated at electrowetlands.

The Smart City Congress is an extraordinary opportunity to get in touch with people and companies from all over the world working on similar projects, know how the market situation is and show the objective of URBAN GreenUP and its progress. The fair aims to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe through promoting social innovation, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities. It is dedicated to create a better future for cities and their citizens worldwide.