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Results of NOSHAN project exploited by research projects: Feed of the Future

NOSHAN project finished more than 1 year ago and results are being actively used by ongoing research projects. The ProBIO project financed by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework, is using NOSHAN results for its activities. In a news article published online about organic waste and insects that could be used as animal feed, the NOSHAN project is mentioned: “the project NOSHAN identified functional feeding ingredients derived from food waste that can be adapted to the needs of animals”. This shows that the quality results of the project are currently of high interest for the researchers.

The main result of NOSHAN project was the creation of a broad portfolio of valorisable wastes for feed production. In this sense, a selection of wastes according to their potential nutritional properties, quantities produced, seasonality, possibility of stabilisation, safety and regulatory issues, cost and logistics was performed during the first phase of the project. In addition, a number of wastes were studied in NOSHAN since the beginning of the project due to their great importance for European Agriculture production or to their nutritional composition. In order to improve nutritional content of feed and be able to fulfil animal needs, waste were treated alone or mixed with other waste looking for complementation and synergistic effects. The characterisation at molecular level of the different waste streams allows providing the best technology for the best raw material to obtain the desired nutritional/functional properties.

During NOSHAN a variety of high-advanced technologies for conditioning, stabilising by physico-chemical and biological strategies, extracting high-added value compounds and feed production were tested, developed and integrated in an innovative low-cost and low energy tailor made procedure for valorising food waste for production of safety and compound functional feed. All these results validated in in vitro and in vivo tests to the final animal derived products intended for human consumption. Therefore a whole value chain from starting raw materials to exploitable products and technologies was covered and monitored with a LCA with a further validation using the novel European Technology Validation platform.