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Raw Materials Innovation For The Circular Economy: Sustainable Processing, Reuse, Recycling And Recovery Schemes



The project will develop and demonstrate an innovative pilot system for the clean and sustainable production of non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials (RMs) in the EU from Mine Waste (MW) resources.

RAWMINA will implement and standardize an innovative energy, water- and cost-effective continuous pilot process for producing RMs. It will integrate novel bio-leaching and nano-based materials for Sb, Co, Ge and W selective recovery from MW from “unexploited/underexploited metal containing materials”.

RAWMINA will improve EU competitiveness and create added value in RMs processing, refining and equipment manufacturing by developing a new circular business model as an alternative to traditional linear mining economy.

RAWMINA will integrate different technologies that will be demonstrated (TRL7) with MW of diverse geological compositions from EU and non-EU mines demonstrating flexibility in processing of the innovative pilot system. The project will perform a techno-economic and sustainability assessment throughout the entire life cycle considering health, safety, socio-economic and environmental impacts; maximizing water/energy efficiency and waste/wastewater reduction. IP, exploitation and business plans will be developed ensuring market penetration, technology export and first exploitation plan.

RAWMINA will transform MW into a resource, enabling marketable products recovery to be used in batteries, flame retardants, optical fibers and industrial tools.

The project will create a CRM Recovery Helix to maximise clustering and will interact with local communities to gain EU citizens trust. It will increase resource efficiency and sustainability of EU industry, contributing to decrease EU CRM import dependency. Apart from sheltering the EU from possible shortages in CRM supply, the project will contribute to reduce production costs and environmental impacts, contributing to the objectives of the European Innovation Partnership on RMs.

Project Budget: 10,857,402.68€

Leitat Budget: 1,093,260€

Financial Framework: HORIZON 2020

Contract number: 958252

Start Date: 01/05/2021

End Date: 31/10/2024


Main role & contribution in the project:

  • Collaborate in the selection of the mine waste from the different sites;
  • Leader in the optimization of nanofibrous composite materials;
  • In charge of the bench-scale validation;
  • Will provide support in the NCMs integration in the pilot system and support the commissioning of the pilot plant in CLC mine site;
  • In charge of the occupational health risks and also, will lead socially innovative actions (T7.5);
  • Exploitation tasks (EU and international level);
  • Dissemination and communication activities;
  • Project management.


The RAWMINA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 958252.