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R3BORN project

The R3BORN project was born with the aim of giving value to plastic waste that, today, has little recyclability, ending up in landfills or being incinerated due to its difficult recycling, to be able to use them again in production processes.

Led by Ferrovial Servicios, with the supported of Leitat, and in partnership with UNNOX GROUP and its subsidiary company Galloplast located in Barcelona, the consortium is formed by a total of six companies and two technology centers. This multidisciplinary consortium allows to address the challenge of recycling materials in the packaging sector covering all stages of transformation, from the selection of materials to be recycled to the manufacture of the final consumer product

The consortium includes:

  • Ferrovial Servicios and Calaf Industrial, responsible for the selection and treatment of waste
  • Chromogenia, responsible for the development of compatibilizing agents
  • Unnox Group, responsible for the processing of recycled materials together with compatibilizing agents
  • Contenur and Figueras responsible for the use of the new product and its introduction into the market

R3BORN is part of the environmental commitment that Unnox Group has acquired as fundamental values ​​for its growth and differentiation within the plastic transformation sector, forming part of an ambitious plan of innovations related to Recyclability and the Environment.

This project has had the support of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Government of Spain.