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New photocatalytic and self-cleaning constructive solution for façade cladding based on a new concrete with recycled TIO2 from waste opaque PET and recycled glass


r-PHOTCRETE aims to find a second use for the opaque PET recovering the current TiO2 from its surface to manufacture a new recycled photocatalytic concrete.

Hence, in this project a new chemical process will be developed to recover the rTiO2 nano particles to add it to a new concrete. The nano particles will add to the concrete using a common method, reachable in any pre-casted concrete factory. This method will also be developed into the project framework. Once the rTiO2 is recovered, a new photocatalytic concrete will be designed, using in addition rGlass to increase the photocatalytic performance. Consequently, the project will use two waste materials to achieve its main targets. As a final step, a constructive solution will be developed to use this new concrete.

To develop this project, Prefabricados Hermo, as a main coordinator, has set up a balanced consortium to overcome the main challenges, working hand to hand with Lurederra Technological Center (included to recover the TiO2 using nano technology), Leitat Technological Center (included to measure the photocatalytic performance of the concrete), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and I2CON (included to develop the new concrete dosage and install it in the constructive solution).

Project Budget: 1.316.280,67€

LEITAT Budget: 166.089,29€

Financial Framework: Proyectos en colaboración público-privada 2021                          

Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 31/08/2025

Contract number: CPP2021-008948




Project CPP2021-008948 funded by: