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Photovoltaic panels valorisation for the formulation of silver nanoparticle inks



The project PV4INKS aims to perform valorisation routes of end-of-life and defected PV panels, focused on the recovery of silver for the formulation of nanoparticle silver inks. Moreover, alternative routes to recover glass for its reuse will be under study.

Silver is a high added value metal with plenty of applications in the fields of electronics and photovoltaics, among others. Therefore, making focus in resource efficiency plays a crucial role, as it decreases the necessity to fulfil the demand by exploiting our natural resources further. Within its different applications, silver is commonly used in inks for printed electronics. These inks can be formulated with silver nanoparticles.

For this purpose, Leitat will carry out the development of different hydrometallurgical recycling solutions for silver recovery. These routes will take into consideration the complexity of the starting material (i.e., waste streams coming from grinded PV panels), and will target selectivity and efficiency towards silver recovery. The resulting solutions will be the starting material for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles. Moreover, Leitat will test alternative dismantling technologies for glass recovery for its potential reuse.

PV4INKS consortium is composed of FCC ÁMBITO as the coordinator and three participants: LUREDERRA, TECNAN and Leitat.

The PV4INKS project is structured in six activities and will last 36 months.



Project Budget: 494.014,50 €

LEITAT Budget: 140.120,30 €

Financial Framework: Proyectos de Colaboración público-privada 2021

Contract number: CPP2021-008960

Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 31/08/2025





Project CPP2021-008960 funded by: