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Artificial Intelligence-driven SMARTWindows for Dynamic Control of Solar Radiation fLUX 



SMARTLUX project aims to develop a new smart window technology for trains capable of self-adapting to changing environmental conditions outside and inside the coach as well as of minimizing energy consumption. The proposed smart glass technology is based on the use of new electrochromic materials -in particular   a   new   class   of   transparent   conductive   oxide   nanocrystals   called “plasmochromic” –which are capable of selectively, and above all independently, tuning the transmission of solar radiation in the range of visible and infrared.  Through a network of sensors connected to an electronic system that makes possible regulating bot thermal and luminous flux, these windows will be able to receive and transmit data to the convoy and guarantee the maximum level of thermal and visual comfort for passengers at any outdoor condition. Smart dynamic regulation will permit as well to minimize the energy used to heat in winter, cool in summer, and illuminate throughout the year.  

 The objective of the project is to take this technology to a level of industrial maturity by realizing a set window prototypes of validate their performances both in mock-up and in simulated train wagons equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) control systems. 


Project Budget: 894.298,80 €                  

LEITAT Budget: 385.149,80 €                   

Financial Framework: Proyectos en colaboración público-privada 2021                           

Start Date: 01/09/2022 

End Date: 31/08/2025 

Contract number: CPP2021-009046           





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