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Multidisciplinary approach for the development of Artificial Intelligence tools to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of OsteoArthritis (OA)



The main goal of OASIS project is to develop an integrative platform based on artificial intelligence to comprehensively obtain a better diagnosis and prognosis approach in OA patients. To this aim, a multidisciplinary group of basic researchers, clinicians, radiologists, and patients’ associations from ECG Médica S.L. (ASCIRES), CETIR Centre Medic (CETIR), Tecnologia Regnenerativa QREM (QREM), Leitat Technological center (LEITAT), Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and Fundación QUAES has been formed, coordinated by ASCIRES and CETIR (technical coordinator), to work together and move quickly with the proposed objectives.  


In this project, it is proposed to make a broad approach to the analysis of biomarkers in blood from various points of view (proteomic, biochemical, composition of miRNAs and SARC in exosomes) that will allow us to deepen the knowledge base of the studied pathology and will help us to define broad and new biomarker expression profiles with the ultimate goal of establishing a protein signature that will help health systems to improve existing diagnosis/prognosis and to define future personalized therapeutic strategies for patients with OA. 


The integration of all these data together with Magnetic Resonance Imaging findings in an AI model could mark a milestone in diagnosis and prognosis of OA. 



Project Budget: 1.337.247,04 €                 

LEITAT Budget: 380.134 €                      

Financial Framework: Proyectos en colaboración público-privada 2021                          

Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 31/08/2025

Contract number: CPP2021-008422                            




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