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New membranes for water purification targeting heavy metal and hazardous organic compound

CERAMPOL, a European research project developing new membranes for water purification is having now its penultimate meeting in Barcelona in LEITAT offices. The consortiums is mainly discussing the progress of the development and characterization of the hybrid ceramic-polymer membrane, the development of procedures for membrane cleaning, metal recovery and membrane regeneration, the risk assessment, and the fabrication and testing of the demonstrator modules.


CERAMPOL project is developing a new generation of smart and low-fouling nanostructured membranes based on ceramic and polymeric materials with enhanced affinity to heavy metals and drugs. CERAMPOL contributes to the solution of issues related to waste water in the metallurgic, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries respectively. This involves reducing the concentration of highly toxic contaminants in water supply infrastructure and natural sources such as lakes, rivers, and sea.

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