Advanced materials

Nanomaterials for Young People: Leitat collaborates with EscoLab

Today, a group of 20 high school students from Olot came to Leitat facilities in Barcelona 22@ for a visit to discover the realm of nanomaterials. The event took place in the framework of EscoLab, the program of the town hall of Barcelona aiming to open the doors of leading laboratories and research centers and offer the opportunity to students to talk with researchers working on cutting-edge topics.

During the visit, students were introduced to this emerging area of research and showing them how nanomaterials have entered our daily lives. The program included a game, a theoretical and historical background as well as concrete examples that can be found today or in the near future.

Leitat’s team aimed to answer questions about the origins of nanomaterials, their manufacturing, their advantages, and their risks. Experts explained in greater detail applications of nanomaterials for environmental, medical and industrial purposes. In addition, the safety dimension was also presented to the students. The event ended with a visit of Leitat’s laboratories focusing on the equipment necessary for a scientist working in the field of nanotechnology.