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Leitat and COCO Catering eliminate plastic waste

Leitat and COCO Catering have launched the ecoCOCO project, which aims to eliminate the use of disposable packaging and the generation of non-recyclable waste. To do this, the disposable packaging used in the external catering service for Leitat’s employees located in the 22@ district of Barcelona have been replaced by reusable containers since December 2018.

Over the course of one year, the project hopes that the reduction of the non-reusable containers will suppose the following benefits:

  • Avoid generating 900kg of plastic waste
  • Reduce of 96% the carbon footprint
  • Reduce the water footprint by 76%
  • Reduce of 77% of the consumption of environmental resources

The system is being tested from a technical point of view in order to know the efficiency and satisfaction of the users. If the pilot test is successful, the system will be installed in the rest of COCO’s external catering services to achieve higher profits.

This project has been possible thanks to the Waste Agency of Catalonia, which promote initiatives to reduce waste in companies.