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Kick-off Meeting of IN POWER: Towards new Concentrated Solar Power Panels

On the 30th and 31st of January, the recently formed consortium of the IN POWER project developing new concentrated solar power architectures, met in Brussels for the kick-off meeting of the project. The event took place at the permanent representation of Catalonia to the EU. After an introduction to the project and a presentation by each partner, participants went through all work packages and presented the work plan for the upcoming months. This included discussions around the Levelized Cost of Electricty, the polymeric mirrors, the materials for thermal storage materials, novel coatings, and much more. The European Commission also participated in the meeting. Now, partners will work on the first milestones of the project and start their research and development activities.


IN-POWER project will develop High efficiency solar harvesting Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) architectures based on holistic materials and innovative manufacturing process to allow an innovation effort mainly focusing on advanced materials such as High Reflectance Tailored Shape light Free glass mirror, High working temperature absorber in Vacuum Free receiver, optimized Reduced Mass support structure allow upgrading current solar field. IN-POWER reduces environmental impact also by reducing THREE times standard thermal storage systems by novel thermal storage materials; and an amazing reduction FOUR TIMES the required land extension in comparison of current mature PTC power generation with the same thermal power output. IN-POWER solution will bring LCOE below 0.10 €/KWh beyond 2020.