INBUILT project launches to transform European sustainable building practices

The Horizon Europe project INBUILT held its kick-off meeting last week, launching its ambitious mission to advance sustainable building practices across Europe. The project’s goal is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings throughout their entire lifecycle by introducing innovative products and systems.

INBUILT’s strategy involves the development and demonstration of 10 innovative products and systems, including large-sized rammed earth blocks, recycled fired and non-fired bricks, hybrid straw-clay boards, recycled concrete and recycled concrete blocks, prefabricated waste wood external and internal wall elements, smart windows with recycled glass and bio-PUR frames, bio-based prefabricated curtain walls, recycled waste paper and textile fibre insulation mats, bio-based recycled insulation sheet panels/infill and second life photovoltaic panels.

Coordinated by the Université Côte d’Azur, this EU-funded Horizon Europe initiative brings together 16 partners to advance sustainable building practices in Europe.

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Read the full Press Release:  HERE

This Project has received funding from the European Union.