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How to identify the priority skills for future designers

The first phase of the INTRIDE project aimed at making our business and academic environment assessing which competences and skills are the most relevant for future designers. The validation was achieved through a two activities process: a questionnaire and a virtual workshop. 

For the questionnaire, in which participated 20 Spanish companies from the fields of habitat products design and manufacturing, the results have been compiled in a national report, which is available for consultation and download on the project website.

The workshop was held on July 2nd and it involved 3 representatives of the academic field, 3 ex-students and 3 companies. During the first part of the workshop a joint validation of the conclusions of the questionnaire was carried out, by selecting and prioritizing the most important competences. Then, each group (academy, alumni, company) scored which own or external resources (human, economic, knowledge…) they considered the most important. Finally, there was an open dialogue about the workshop and the expectations of the INTRIDE project. The results and conclusions of this virtual workshop have also been included in the above-mentioned report.