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GUIDEnano participates in the NanoDefine Synergy workshop

nanodefine logoSocorro Vazquez, project coordinator of GUIDEnano project, presents recent activities to promote a better understanding of each project and to identify potential overlaps and synergies between NSC projects. It took place in Brussels on the 2nd of February.


The workshop will have presentations from NanoDefine and invited projects (NanoSolutions, NANoREG, SUN, GUIDEnano, NanoMILE, NanoMag, NanoDetector, eNanoMapper and NanoValid) on key topics including test and reference materials (e.g. suppliers, formulations), protocols already tested (and/or validated) in other projects (e.g. equipment, numbers of iterations/round-robins and partners involved, outcomes, gaps in knowledge), planned activities (including timelines for these).


The workshop will focus on areas of overlap and complementarity to identify the best sources and formulations of test materials (i.e. sourcing materials from the same suppliers and using the same formulation methods will support cross-referencing with other projects’ results) and identify areas and time frames where there could be sharing of information/data or joint participation in experimental protocols.


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