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GUIDEnano Newsletter is out! First insights about the software tool

GUIDEnano 1GUIDEnano develops a software tool to evaluate and manage human and environmental health risks of nano-enabled products, considering the whole product life cycle. After 18 months, the research consortium has accomplished a great deal in pursuit of the project’s objectives! The most important one: GUIDEnano tool v1 was released.


This version enables the user to model the life cycle of a nanomaterial-enabled product, from production until disposal. V1 focuses on the material flow, identifying relevant exposure/release and hazard hotspots. Future versions 2 and 3 will  incorporate hazard and risk assessment as well as a decision module to support the user in selection of appropriate risk refinement and risk  mitigation activities.


If you want to learn more about GUIDEnano and its different case studies, you can access the newsletter on the website.