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General Assembly of the RIS3CAT TEC-SALUT Community in Leitat

On the 19th of October, the general assembly of the RIS3CAT TEC-SALUT Community will take place in Leitat headquarters in Terrassa.

During this event, various projects will present the progress made in the last months but you will also have the opportunity to develop new projects within the Horizon 2020 framework and get first insights about CIMTI projects.

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LEITAT is leading the TEC-SALUT community that aims at developing new technologies applied to healthcare or Tecnologies aplicades a la salut. With a total budget of approximately 9 million euros, the community aims to bring together technologies with a measurable impact to the health sector.

The objective of TEC-SALUT is to create a space for collaborative work in the field of health to provide innovative responses to the needs and growing challenges of the health system.

In order to meet the challenges of the health sector, the community has identified priority areas of expertise through which the action plan of TEC-SALUT is organized and defined. Four projects will be executed in the field of imported technologies in health and sustainable healthcare ecosystem. The projects BIÃ’PSIA 3D, ACADOM, NANONAFRES and DIALCAT are led by a coordinator and supported by a consortium composed of various members with the objective to fulfill the plan of action.