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Minimization of microfibers in the life cycle of textile products


The FIBERCLEAN project aims to obtain new solutions that will reduce the emission of microfibers through the entire value chain of manufacturing and maintenance of fabrics and garments. The problem will be attacked from 2 different perspectives. First, research and development of new yarns, fabrics and finished products with properties that prevent the release of microfibers during several phases of the life cycle of the product or that allow to revalue them. Second, research and development of new technologies for the elimination or reduction of microfibers during washing and purification that are compatible with conventional systems.

Project Budget: 765’000€

Leitat Budget: 373’300€

Financial Framework: CIEN

Start Date: 01/09/2017

End Date: 30/08/2021

Contact Manager: S. Nieva

Ayudas CDTI para Consorcios Empresariales de I+D

This project has received public funds from the Strategic Programme of Consortia of National Business Research (CIEN)