Health technologies

Engaging end users to the OActive world: Biomarkers, Biomechanics, Computational Modelling and more

OActive project is pleased to invite you to the training session:“Engaging end users to the OActive world”, which will be organised online on 29th of May.

The training session will bring together EU and national representatives from:

  • Medical care industry (Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical care centers, medical institutes, health service providers, physicians, caregivers, companies in the health field or/and in the ICT field).
  • General public (Individuals, OA patients and their families, elderly, athletes)
  • Regulatory authorities (Ministries of health, medical organisations, orthopaedic associations, regulatory authorities, NGOs, non-profit organizations, public initiatives)
  • Research & education communities (Medical and ICT universities and research centers, interested in early diagnosis and prediction of diseases or interested in computer based modelling and simulation tools technologies, cognitive systems or human interfaces).

The end users will explore the opportunities arising from the implementation of the OActive project aiming to the early diagnosis and prevention of osteoarthritis. OActive targets patient specific prediction and interventions by using a combination of biomarkers, behavioural modelling, mechanistic computational models, simulations and big data analytics.

Scientists from well-established institutes around Europe (including University of Nicosia, LEITAT, KULeuven, Smartex, Liverpool John Moores University, CERTH, University of Patras, RIMED) will give lectures during the training. Participants will be able to raise questions to the panel of experts. 

To attend the training please follow the link to register until 28th of May 2020.



  • Welcome and opening remarks
  • Agenda overview by the Coordinator and short presentation of OActive concept: Kyriacos Felekkis, University of Nicosia and Ioanna Katsavou, Axia Innovation


  • Biochemical modelling and inflammation biomarkers: Christos Papaneophytou University of Nicosia & Ramon Messeguer, Leitat
  • Behaviour modelling and environmental biomarkers: Gianluca de Toma, SMARTEX & Thijs Swinnen, KULeuven
  • Biomechanical modelling of the knee: David Britzman, Liverpool John Moores University

10.40 – BREAK


  • Computational modelling empowered by big data and deep learning: Dimitrios Tsaopoulos, CERTH
  • Using artificial tissues as test-bench for rehabilitation against osteoarthritis: Roberto Di Gesù, RIMED


  • Real time gait monitoring and retraining: Georgios Giarmatzis, University of Patras


  • Training evaluation: Ioanna Katsavou, Axia Innovation
  • Closing speech from the coordinator: Kyriacos Felekkis, University of Nicosia

12.20 – END OF DAY

Download the agenda in pdf.