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Recovery and recovery of resources of urban digests in the framework of the circular economy


The Digestake project, within the framework of the RIS3CAT 2016 call and the FEDER Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020, has as its main objective to generate new knowledge and expertise for the development of processes, technologies for the treatment, recovery, recovery and reuse of resources of liquid effluent and gaseous effluents (waste gases from biogas) resulting from the anaerobic digestion of WWTPs, following the principles of eco-sustainability and energy efficiency.

Project Budget: 2.114.978,85€

LEITAT Budget: 93.784,20€

Financial Framework: RIS3CAT

Contract number: COMRDI16-1-0061

Start Date: 01/07/2017

End Date: 30/06/2020

Part of:

Contact Manager: S. Nieva

Aquest projecte està cofinançat pel Fons Europeus de Desenvolupament Regional de la Unió Europea en el marc del Programa Operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020 amb un ajut de 735.213,05€.