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Developing molecular signatures for S100 proteins

The CDTI has granted two new loans to Atrys in the Cervera framework, in the field of liquid biopsy and AI applied to diagnostic imaging. The Cervera projects aim to help individual R&D projects developed by companies that collaborate with state-level Technology Centers, such as Leitat, in priority technologies.

The financing, which represents 85% of the total projects, will reinforce translational research, one of the company’s strategic lines. It will also allow the introduction of quantitative improvements in its competitiveness in two areas especially relevant to Atrys: telemedicine and oncological diagnosis.

The ALARMINAS project, in which the Leitat, the Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda University Hospital (HUPDHM) and the Jaén Hospital Complex (CHJ) will participate, is the development of a molecular signature of alarmines (S100 proteins) from blood samples from breast cancer and lung cancer patients. Alarmines are molecules that are only released when there is cellular damage. Through the parameters obtained, it will be possible to establish a personalized prognosis of the patient that guides his future treatment.

Liquid biopsy techniques seek to diagnose the patient in a simple and less invasive way (through blood samples), monitor the response to treatment and establish personalized treatments. This type of methodology can also allow to predict the occurrence of relapses and generate meta-analyzes that support medical decision making.

The financing granted to ALARMINAS, at 3 years and zero interest, amounts to 625.000 €, equivalent to 85% of the budget.

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