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Conference: Innovative technologies for water reuse in the Mediterranean tourist facilities

Join us at demEAUmed Final Conference in Barcelona on the 18th ofd May where results, benefits and opportunities of demEAUmed technologies in managing, treating and recycling water will be presented and discussed. One of the aims of the conference is to involve different stakeholders to demonstrate and promote innovative technologies to reduce the impact of tourism sector on the environment. Hotel owners will be able to use the developed Decision Support System (DSS) to assess how much water savings they could achieve as well as the associated environmental impacts. Furthermore, the private sector will have the chance to discuss with the technology providers the possible exploitation opportunities.


Find the agenda and the key note speakers of the event here! To register, click here.


About demEAUmed: Results of the Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment of demEAUmed Technologies


The eight innovative demEAUmed technologies, after tests at pre-demonstration level, have been scaled-up, placed at the demonstration site and are being run in real conditions with two main lines for greywater and wastewater treatment. The majority of demEAUmed technologies can be implemented singularly and some of them are being also compared, in terms of efficiency and other environmental and economic parameters, to define the best conditions. All the experiments results are being compared with the requirements of the Spanish Royal Decree 1620/2007 (SRD 1620/2007) and other national and European legislation for many possible reuse applications (like toilet flushing, irrigation of private gardens, golf irrigation, groundwater recharge and laundry). All installed technologies were connected and are monitored xby a common server for supervision, control and data acquisition.


The experiments of the greywater treatment line and the alternative swimming pool water disinfection (five technologies: Smart Air MBR, VertECO, Plimmer, UVOX, SPEF) are being finalized and provided long term characterization with high efficiency for organic compounds, solids, for nitrification and many micro-pollutants.


The installation of the wastewater treatment line is completed and the experiments with the electrocoagulation-electro flotation technology as a primary treatment followed by the MBR are on-going with an improved wastewater catchment from the hotel manhole. The electrochemical ozonation and the 172 nm UV treatment, with an improved software and optimized lamp frame and electrical driver, are ready to be tested.


Results of the Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment of demEAUmed Technologies


An integrated assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the innovative and integrated technological solution, proposed in demEAUmed project, has been undertaken by demEAUmed consortium under the leadership of the Sustainability Division of LEITAT.


The methodology applied in the assessment is based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and the Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA). The primary results of the LCA and LCC have been obtained and analysed involving four technologies: the Electrocoagulation-Flotation technology, the Photoelectro-Fenton technology, the VertECO technology, and the Electrochemical Ozonation technology.


Regarding the environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), the results show that these four technologies have achieved important environmental impacts savings thanks to the greywater recovery and water reuse. The primary results also addresses the main environmental impact contributions of the four demEAUmed technologies in the construction stage, maintenance stage and operation stage including energy consumption, transportation and structural materials.


To reduce the environmental impacts contributions of the above mentioned technologies, and similar ones, some recommendations were given.


Regarding the Life Cycle Costing (LCC), the overall cost of treating one cubic meter (1m3) of greywater or wastewater by the demEAUmed technologies along their life cycle are being studied. Table 1 summarizes the total cost of treating 1m3 of greywater by VertECO and Electrochemical Ozonation technologies.


Finally, the Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) has presented some indicators and the quantification of the socioeconomic impacts and the benefits provided by demEAUmed project are being currently analysed. More efforts will be done during the coming months regarding socio-economic analysis. For detailed results, check demEAUmed website.


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