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Community for water treatment


The RIS3CAT COMUNITAT AIGUA is a community of 56 entities between companies, technology and research centers, universities and associations, with the aim of promoting the economic transformation of the companies linked to the management and consumption of water through the acquisition of knowledge and development of technologies to overcome existing technological challenges and respond to environmental, social and economic needs as well as the demands of future policies.

The Catalan water sector currently accounts for 4,480 million euros according to a study done by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ, representing 2.2% of Catalan GDP and positioning it as a key industrial sector of the the Catalan economy. The objective of the community is to become a center of innovation of global reference with the generation of opportunities and creation of employment centered in the research and development of technologies that allow:

  • Reduce the cost associated with water management.
  • Guarantee the health and well-being of people and their protection.
  • The conservation of the natural resource to guarantee the access in quantity and quality of the water.
  • The transformation of current management models into more efficient systems that encourage changes in circular economy.

The RIS3CAT COMUNITAT AIGUA is one of the RIS3CAT Communities accredited by the Generalitat of Catalonia through ACCIÓ -the agency for the competitiveness of the company-, a strategy funded by FEDER (EU).

Project Budget: 8.511.666 €

LEITAT Budget: 569.169 €

Financial Framework: RIS3CAT

Start Date: 01/07/2017

End Date: 30/06/2020


Contact Manager: S. Nieva

Aquest projecte està cofinançat pel Fons Europeus de Desenvolupament Regional de la Unió Europea en el marc del Programa Operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020 amb una ajuda total de 2.921.830 €.