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BioEcoSIM Video released: Valorising livestock manure

The BioEcoSIM project just released its video. Learn more about how to produce a sustainable soil improving products that can be easily handled, transported and applied. BioEcoSim valorises livestock manure as an important example of valuable biowaste.

The BioEcoSIM consortium consists of 15 partners from 5 different EU states with complementary and non-overlapping expertise that is able to successfully deliver all of the interrelated aspects of this project and to develop a resource and energy efficient process to convert wasted livestock manure into stabilised, pathogen-free soil improving materials. It contains necessary skills, resources and capabilities from industrial participants; nine SMEs and one LE, and five research institutions in the enabling technologies (superheated steam drying and pyrolysis, electrolytic precipitation, membrane absorption technology, process control, and agronomic validation) and the subsequent exploitation and dissemination, ensuring all stages that sustainability (economic and environmental) is scientifically verified.