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BIOCON-CO2 Meeting in Israel: CO2 conversion for the iron and steel industry

Today, the consortium of the BIOCON-CO2 project is meeting in Ramla (Israel). The event is the 12M meeting of the project and is hosted by the Nesher Ramla Visitor Center.

During the event, partners discuss the CO2 capture, mixtures and solubilization strategies developed during the first year of the project.

More information about the event can be found on Twitter.

The project aims to develop and validate a platform of flexible and versatile techniques capable of using biological processes to transform raw CO2 waste from the iron, steel, cement and electric power industries into value-added chemicals and plastics.

Exploring novel biotechnological solutions, the project intends to generate new knowledge to develop commercially viable strategies for reducing Europe’s dependency on fossil fuel resources. This will lead to the increased sustainability of the chemical industry and provide support for European leadership in CO2 re-use technologies.