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A new bike path increasing comfort, safety, communications and environmentally friendly


The BICISENDAS project will develop a new bike path that will integrate several technologies to help increase comfort, safety, communications, and improve the environment around it; therefore, contributing to promote sustainable transportation.

This project introduces the concept of modules for bike paths, that allow the selection of different integrable technologies to personalize paths according to each city´s needs. Sustainable materials for the module structure will be developed, using industrial waste and sub-products. Two types of modules will be designed: permeable and non-permeable, and each type will be compatible with different technologies. Thanks to the permeable surface, peak rainfall water will move into the module and it will be treated on site by bio-decontamination techniques for potential nearby use. Also, photocatalytic materials will be employed to eliminate nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organics (VOCs) from air.

To increase users´ safety, a new concept for smart, self-sufficient and efficient photoluminescent signaling will be developed. They will be based on sensor devices that allow communication and processing of real time localization data (sensors to detect and give warning of bike path invasion from both vehicles and pedestrians) or communication of incidents or hazardous situations that may lay ahead. These systems will be powered by the energy generated by the bike path itself thanks to the imbedded energy generators and the small wind turbines integrated in the bike path surroundings.

To complement these technologies within the frame of a Smart Society, ICT functionalities will be added to digitally transform the smart bike path. An ecosystem will be created for IoT technologies and vehicles, where users will interact through an app, thus improving safety within the bike path.


Financial Framework: CIEN

Start Date: 01/03/2019

End Date: 28/02/2023


Contact Manager: I. Ortíz

Este proyecto ha recibido financiación pública del Programa Estratégico de Consorcios de Investigación Empresarial Nacional (CIEN) 2018 del Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI).