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Apply to the Living Labs and Test Beds Accelerator

This programme provides the benefits of living labs and test beds to entrepreneurs, so they can develop market-ready products with high added value and a high probability of success.

Living Labs and Test Beds are open innovation ecosystems where stakeholders, including healthcare professionals and patients, cooperate on solutions to healthcare challenges. Living labs support the innovation process throughout the different phases of the value chain, including ideation, co-creation, validation and scale-up.

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The programme seeks the involvement of start-ups and also encourages living labs and test beds to join the network.


Information for start-ups

Is it for me?

The programme is open to any European start-up, SME, entrepreneur or innovation project that aims to improve their product by validating, co-creating and ideating with the end-user in a real-life environment.

All organisations seeking to try out, or improve, their products are invited to work with the EIT Health Living Labs Network. It has a wide geographic coverage throughout Europe and wide coverage of thematic areas such as medtech, digital health, biotech, allowing a diverse group of organisations to benefit from the network across Europe.

Options to participate:

Applications are open all year long, and applicant start-ups are distinguished in two categories:

  • Start-ups with their own funds: If you indicate in the application that you have your own funds or other EIT Health grants (such as Headstart or Bridgehead) you will have direct access to the Living Lab and Test Beds services without going through evaluation process. Start-ups with their own funding will still be eligible in the competition for vouchers for services. To apply with your own funds, click here.
  • Start-ups requesting vouchers: If you are a start-up that does not have your own funds and require financial support to accelerate your innovations, you can to apply through the Living Labs and Test Beds programme for 13 vouchers of €7 500 each (seven vouchers in the first call and six vouchers in the second call), and are awarded in two waves per year.

Eligibility and financial support

All start-ups and SMEs applying in Living Labs and Test Beds project will be considered eligible for €7 500 vouchers that they can use for support of the programme if:

  • they submit an application in English;
  • the application is complete;
  • they are not a previously selected Living Labs and Test Beds candidate;
  • the company is registered, ideally before 2018;
  • their registration certificate is uploaded;
  • they are operating within the EU;
  • they did not receive more than €50 000 from other EIT Health funds during the current year.

Co-Funding: In order to see commitment from our applicants, we require projects to provide co-funding of 33.33% (€2 500) of the grant amount requested from EIT Health. Co-funding includes applicants’ own financial resources to cover part of the planned total project costs. These costs are directly linked to the LL&TB activities and are an integral part of the planned project budget, and should be at least €10 000.

The process

  1. Application via Optimy: European start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs interested in utilising the services of EIT Health Living Lab and Test Bed Network can apply via the EIT Health application platform, hosted by Optimy.
  2. Analysis of applications and needs: The applications will be evaluated by the group of experts from the project consortium who will assess the needs of start-ups and will invite the applicants to the EIT Health accelerator platform (Chronus). Using this platform, applicants can identify three potential living labs or test beds matching their needs and interests and inform the project coordinators about the selection.
  3. Matchmaking and contact: In this phase, the project management team will do the matchmaking and establish a connection between the start-up and the most suitable living lab, where they can agree upon, define and organise the specific services needed by the start-up and the budget required for it.
  4. Follow up: Both the living lab or test bed and the start-up will be monitored by the consortium’s experts, who will accompany the process. They will also gather information to evaluate the proper functioning of the programme and make necessary improvements.

Important dates 2020:

There is no deadline for start-ups that would like to apply for services with their own funds or with other EIT Health grants. For start-ups requesting vouchers, the following dates are important:

  • 17 March 2020 to 30 May 2020 23:59 CET
  • Communication of results of the first wave: First week of April 2020
  • Communication of results of the second wave: Second week of June 2020
  • Project grant agreements signatures: Maximum one months since the communication of each wave resolution

Start-ups have one calendar year (12 months) from the time the sub-granting agreement and the service agreement are signed by the start-up and the EIT Health and the start-up and Living Lab/Test Bed, respectively, for its execution. The duration of the services may last two months at the minimum.

Start-ups click here to apply.

Information for living labs and test beds

To join the EIT Health Living Labs and Test Beds Network and offer your services:

  1. Follow this link to create a Chronus profile. (Open all year long.)
  2. Press the “Join Now” button, fill in the form and accept the Code of Conduct.
  3. Once step 2 is completed, administrators will review the application.
  4. If the application is accepted, you are already part of the network!

Keep in mind that an attractive, complete and active Chronus profile on the platform is very important when start-ups make the choice about where to accelerate their innovations!

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A video about the EIT Health Living Labs network