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Developing cost-effective sensors to observe the ocean in real-time

common-sense_poster_final-1DEVELOPING COST-EFFECTIVE SENSORS that will increase availability of standardised data on eutrophication, concentrations of heavy metals, microplastics, underwater noise and other parameters.


COMMON SENSE will develop prototypes of in-situ new generation sensors and integrate these sensors into different marine platforms in order to reduce significant sampling and monitoring costs.


Expected project results:

  • Integration of specific innovative sensors into modular systems which can be easily adapted to different monitoring requirements and deployment platforms.
  • Common Sensor Web Platform which will provide a more sophisticated view of the environment by implementing Open Geospatial Consortium Sensor Web Enablement standards and optimising data acquisition, indexing, access and interoperability.
  • Deployment and testing of multifunctional sensor packages using floating devices, buoys, platforms and ships, under different sea conditions in key locations.
  • Effective Knowledge and Technology Transfer ensuring maximum value and benefit from the COMMON SENSE project.

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