Packaging Cluster – 3rd Strategic Immersion Conference

The Packaging Cluster is a tool to understand a business, promote actions to improve the competitiveness of companies and make them more profitable. The cluster met at the 3rd Strategic Immersion Conference. More than 50 companies and organizations were demonstrating that  packaging is compatible with the maximization of individual and collective results.


The objectives of the cluster are:
  • Encouraging R & D + i
  • Define actions of common interest for members
  • Enhance training at all levels
  • Advise on opportunities associated interest
  • National and international positioning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Encourage individual or collaborative projects
  • Facilitate and increase effective networking between the partners


And some of the activities that it carries out are:

  • Work groups
  • Innovation workshop
  • Technical seminars and briefings
  • Viewpoints packaging
  • Travel benchmarking
  • Strategic advice
  • Days of strategic immersion
  • Dissemination of success stories and failure
  • Internationalization and trade missions
  • R & D projects and other optimization projects


Packaging cluster meeting

The Packaging Cluster was incorporated legal entity on 26 October 2012. The board consists of: ABB Carinsa Technology Center Manel Turnover Boada, Chimigraf, Dow Chemical, Eco Intelligent Growth, Enplater, Lantero, Lecta, LEITAT / BIP, Menshen and Nestle.


Spain moves 17,500 million a year, represented by 1,500 companies and occupied 73,000 workers. 46% of turnover in Spain is concentrated in Catalonia, represented by 900 companies and employing over 18,000 workers. (Source: Study conducted by sectoral HISPACK 2012).