Circular Economy

Open Infoday about the environmental improvement of the healthcare centres

LOGO VERTICAL COLORThe BOHEALTH project comes to the end and the final event “Innovation for environmental improvement in healthcare centre” will be celebrated next 24th of May. The main aim of the project is the reduction of the environmental impact associated to the health sector. That is why other innovative initiatives related to the environmental behavior of the sector will be presented in the final event. These European projects are the followings:


  • EU HCWM project which is aimed to the innovative training of the sanitary waste management
  • SMART HOSPITAL project which main objective is the application of the best practices to reduce the climate footprint in the health centres.
  • RESSEPE project applies innovative technologies to modernize the buildings
  • OPERE project which main aim is to implement efficient management systems to the energy network in existing complexes with large energy consumption
  • Project to minimize the not consumed meals at hospital


The event will include a practical demonstration of the BOHEALTH tool. To consult the program of the event and to formalize the inscription, you can visit the following link. The event is free. The venue of the event will be the Association of Technical Industrial Engineers of Barcelona (map of location) and the event will be organized in collaboration of the Club EMAS.


The aim of the event is to present innovative initiatives that reduce the environmental impact of the healthcare centres and to share experiences for the environmental improvement. Come and participate!




Consorcio Proyecto BOHEALTH