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NINFA news!

NINFA news!


The NINFA Project has selected 8 captivating case studies to showcase its groundbreaking solutions for tackling pollution and climate change challenges.

These case studies represent diverse environments and socio-economic contexts, allowing for a robust validation of the project’s activities and interventions.

Among the chosen studies, 4 European locations will serve as demo sites for implementing and validating NINFA’s cutting-edge solutions.

The other 4 International case studies will be closely monitored, contributing to the GW Knowledge Observatory and NINFA platform validation.

The project aims to develop cost-effective groundwater monitoring strategies, pollution prevention and abatement technologies, and an early warning system. NINFA will provide a novel strategy based on an early-warning DSS and knowledge base (the NINFA Plat-form) and a series of innovative and cost-effective monitoring, modelling and treatment solutions, considering diverse pollutants (nutrients, pesticides, salinity, CECs, ARG, and MP) and synergistic effects regarding stressors derived from climate and global changes, with the aim of preventing GW contamination, protecting its quality and enhancing its resilience.

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