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GH2 Newsletter: Read the First Edition

GH2 Newsletter: Read the First Edition

GH2 project

The Production of Green Hydrogen Using Only Zero Carbon Technology

Find out how to join the new Hydrogen Helix, discover how GH2 researchers generated 70% quantum yield in the light-driven Production of hydrogen and learn more about the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its latest call.

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This research project, coordinated by Leitat and funded by the European Union, aims to generate green hydrogen by exclusively harnessing solar energy, earth-abundant water, biomass and non-critical raw materials.

The focus is on creating a pioneering hydrogen production process that neither uses nor produces CO2 or environmentally harmful methane. As a result, the GH2 project could play a leading role in the reduction of the emissions discharged during the hydrogen production process.


♻️ Produce green hydrogen by harvesting solar energy and biomass

♻️ Simultaneously produce high-value chemicals such as acetic acid

♻️ Create a scalable production process that can be leveraged by multiple industries

♻️ Contribute to the development of sustainable cities and a low-carbon economy

♻️ Reduce the environmental and financial costs associated with producing hydrogen

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101070721.