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Discover more about the Lebanon Innovate program

Lebanon Innovate

Lebanon Innovate is a 42-month program funded by the European Union to revitalize the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem and the productive sectors. The program, based on an innovation roadmap, fosters innovation through supporting Intellectual Property (IP) and knowledge transfer allowing the country to become a knowledge-driven digital nation at the front end of innovation.


The program aims at supporting the transformation of innovations and technological findings emerging from universities into market-ready products and commercial ventures to boost the Lebanese productive sectors.

The overall objective is to empower an interconnected Innovation Ecosystem in Lebanon to enhance economic growth and foster a sustainable and inclusive socio-economic recoveryand employment.

On the project’s website you will be able to see all the activities developed throughout the program, meet the work team and all the news about the program’s progress.

If you are you interested on the program and you want to be part and grow the Lebanese knowledge innovation community let’s contact HERE