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ASTRABAT: Press Release – June 2023

ASTRABAT: Press Release - June 2023

ASTRABAT releases info packs outlining the project’s main results

The project’s key work and innovation have been summarised in a set of five informative packs on various technical aspects – from the electrolyte tailorisation to the fluorine-free ionic liquid plasticizers. They also provide insights on the sustainability of the produced cell and the outlook for the solid-state batteries market.

The ASTRABAT project is heading toward the end of its four years-long path toward the development of new efficient Lithium batteries for electric vehicles. Despite being directly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the ASTRABAT consortium has reached important achievements towards the development of a new Li-ion cell architecture with an all-solid-state electrolyte design suitable for the use of new high-energy electrode materials and mass production. These have now been summarized into a set of five info packs that are available on the ASTRABAT website.

You can read the full press release HERE