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2nd Stop of the Ocean Plastics Lab: Paris

The Ocean Plastics Lab opened its doors to the public again this November in Paris, France. With support from the  8th Global Social Business Summit, which was held this year in Paris, we could install the exhibition for a period of two weeks (4th-17th of November) on a top location in Paris: in front of the town hall on the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.

In these two weeks the exhibition had about 8.900 visitors and 21 school classes coming by. The exhibition also had the pleasure to welcome Nobel Peace Prize Laureat Prof. Yunus and his Team from the Yunus Foundation and the Grameen Creative Lab, the German Ambassador N. Meyer-Landrut as well as local politicians to the Ocean Plastics Lab,. The Prime Minister of Norway also showed her support for the exhibition on social media. The exhibition also had the pleasure to meet some contributors of the OPL’s exhibits, such as the artist Jeremy McKane, whose installation LUCiD is shown in container 1 and Peter Kohler from The Plastic Tide project, shown in container 4. Additionally, together with French partners, a wonderful little conference was hosted for the broad public at the Hôtel de Ville on the impact of plastics on the ocean and what can be done to tackle this problem, with speakers Diane Beaumenay-Joannet from Surfrider Foundation Europe, François Galgani from Ifremer and Xavier Bougeard from Tara Expéditions.

LEITAT is participating in the exhibition by providing information and materials related to the MERMAIDS and COMMON SENSE projects.

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For all pictures: © BMBF / Jean-Claude Guilloux​