Study on Land Recycling



The European Environment Agency has commissioned MediTerra to prepare a study on Land Recycling. The aim of this study is to evaluate wider environmental impacts, i.e. other than those directly related to land use (both on- and off-site), of brownfield development by evaluating and applying the Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) approach across a number of European cases. LEITAT has collaborated with its expertise in this project.


LEITAT’s role in the project: LEITAT  assisted on the search of European cases where LCT have been used and the lessons learnt that may be applicable for this contract. LEITAT has also developed the LCT methodology to be applied in the selected brownfield real cases. LEITAT collaborated in data evaluation.


Number of Contract: 3418/B2014/EEA.55777


Coordinator:  MediTerra Consultors Ambientals, S.L.




Starts: 01/07/2014


Duration: 4 months




MediTerra Consultors Ambientals, S.L. Spain
LEITAT (subcontracted) Spain