Laundry Detergents Eco-labelling

A new washing performance test to be integrated in the reviewed EU Ecolabel Award scheme will be designed. The new method will be built on a wide consensus among relevant members of the European detergency sector and will be generated in order to overcome the present limitations of the EU Ecolabel method: time and cost constraints, gradual deviation of significance for the reference detergent, lack of criteria for detergent additives (pre-treaters, fabric finishers…), etc…

The new test proposal will bring an intrinsic European added-value related to the fundaments of its elaboration, including the nature of the considered inputs, the up-to-date market products and the industrial and environmental needs. In particular, the contractor will take into account the consumer habits, and the comparison between those and the two performance tests (EU Ecolabel and A.I.S.E.) in order to define the essential parameters for the new test proposal.

In addition, the contractor will proceed to elaborate a new categorization of detergents, additives and materials of reference in order to guarantee the new performance test will be consistent with the state of the art of the laundry detergent market and products.

Finally, the aim of the contractor is to develop a new test capable of bridging the gap between the two existing performance tests and the industry needs and working processes. To do that, the new test will build a solid consensus rooted in easiness, accuracy, cost and time efficiency, market relevance, technical significance environmental sustainability.

Start Date: 16/12/2009

End Date: 15/09/2010

Contact Manager: G. Musterni