Register: Innovative Energy Storage Systems for Green Energy Supply


On the 8th of May 2018, Leitat in collaboration with the Institut Català d’Energia, organises an open event around innovative energy storage systems to provide green energy. The event will take place in Barcelona at Torre Muñoz. Click here to see the agenda.

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About the event: Challenges such as climate change, economic and social development, people’s wellbeing, sustainable development and security are aspects closely related to energy supply. The European Union has a package of measures in which one of its objectives is that 20% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources. That is why, together with the promotion and implementation of renewable energy sources, it is very important to have technologies that allow the storage of this green energy and assure the energy supply and the energy transition.

In the framework of the RICAS2020 Project, funded by Horizon 2020 European Programme for Research and Innovation, it is organized this mid-day event. Professionals from the energy and renewable energy sector, companies and organizations in the energy and renewable energy sector, public administration technicians, political leaders, students and researchers are welcome.