Recent meeting of WDS Project – Eco-Efficient Wool Dry Scouring


WDS Monitoring VisitIn the last weeks, the WDS Project (Eco-Efficient Dry Wool Scouring with total by-products recovery) developping a sustainable and innovative wool scouring process, had two important meetings in Catalonia. The first one, which took place in Leitat on the 18th of May, gathered the consortium for strategic discussions around the project. The participants reported the recent developments of the pilot plant and the technological progress in the wool dry scouring process. The second meeting took place in RMT, a project partner specialised in the wool trade and wool processing, on the 11th of June. The pilot plant, which is situated there, could be analised in detail and presented to the European Commission representative. The meeting had a financial and a  technical part, whereas the latter part focused on future tasks and expected results, which remains nowadays confidential.


More information about the project here or on the project’s website.